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Ropes village on sky

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Cordes sur Ciel, a journey through time! To visit Cordes is to discover a fabulous book of art and history embedded in stone ... Great authors, such Camus, have even fallen in love with it! “We travel for years without really knowing what we are looking for, we wander in the noise, entangled with desires or repentance and we suddenly arrive in one of these two or three places that await each of us in this world. The traveler who, from the terrace of Cordes, looks at the summer night knows thus that he does not need to go further and that, if he wants, the beauty here, day after day, will take it away. to all loneliness. »(Albert Camus) Cordes sur Ciel fascinates all those who discover it because it is first and foremost a vision: that of a city rising to storm the sky. Because it is then a history book and an art album where the memory of men has remained alive, inscribed in the stones since its creation in 1222 by the Count of Toulouse. Its exceptional site, its remarkable architectural heritage make it one of the most significant medieval towns in France and one of the high places of European heritage. It is now classified among the Great Sites of Midi-Pyrénées! It is said that the creation of the city was presided over by the stars and that its location was chosen by fate ... Its living environment, of rare authenticity, has attracted and retained artists and craftsmen who find their inspiration there. Sheltered by the powerful fortified gates, the sumptuous mansions with sculpted facades magnify Gothic art ... To walk the streets, to cross the thresholds, is to travel through the centuries!
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